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When PAN PACIFIC MANAGEMENT RESOURCES PTY LTD, the first company in our group was incorporated in 1984, its aim was to provide Consulting Services to Australian firms intending to establish themselves overseas.

After several years of successful operation in particular in the neighboring Asian countries we decided to get directly involved in the booming building market by establishing a manufacturing operation with a local partner. PAN PACIFIC ENGINEERING was established to spearhead these developments.

Lightweight concrete was a our product of choice and an operation was established in Malaysia to manufacture masonry blocks. However, the then available products lacked the sophistication and consistency required for repeatable results. It took us several years of blood, sweat and tears to get where we wanted to be.

We re-designed the Foaming Agent to make it more stable, resistant to ambient temperatures and we increased the concentration ratio to reduce freight costs and usage.

Foam Generating Equipment was designed to take guesswork out of it and allow operation under less than ideal conditions. The weight of our mobile unit was reduced to make it more portable and electronic controls introduced to allow for more accurate dosage.

When the recession of the 90th arrived in Asia, we had already started to expand into other areas around the globe and established a strong presence in the USA, amongst others.

Having now established operations in 50 countries around the globe – and the list is growing – is some achievement, but we are not sitting on our laurels, in fact we believe we are just scratching the surface and we have a mammoth task ahead of us.

The guiding principles in all our dealings are to promote proven QUALITY PRODUCTS with LEADING EDGE TECHNOLOGY and provide a QUALITY SERVICE with ETHICAL BUSINESS CONDUCT to the highest standards.

In the age of "Global Economy" we have certainly taken a lead by venturing out beyond our borders and are able to offer a world class product which stands on its own, with little competition in sight. To further contribute to the global community to the best of our ability is our business mission.